• Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver

Continue to develop your dive skills. This certification will introduce you to night diving, deep diving, underwater navigation and a few other specialties. Advance Open Water classes include one classroom session and five open water dives.

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    • Cost:  $375.  Payment is made at the shop when picking up the education package. 
    • Consists of 5 open water dives designed to broaden a new diver’s experience.  The Advanced Open Water certification may be required by dive shops for deeper dive experiences.
    • Two dives, Underwater Navigation and Deep Dive, are required for the class.
    • The diver, working with their instructor, can choose from a variety of options for the remaining dives.  Possibilities are:
      • Peak Performance Buoyancy
      • Search and Recover
      • Enriched Air (Nitrox)
      • Wreck Diver
      • Drift Diver
      • Night Diver
      • Boat Diver
      • Fish Identification
    • Conditions can prevent completing the Deep Dive and Wreck Dive on Wreck-Reation.  If that occurs, the deep dive will be completed at St Andrews State Park and another dive will be substituted for the Wreck Dive.  The class may need to be rescheduled do to sea state or weather.  THE BOAT IS NOT GUARENTEED.
    • AOW is available to divers 15 years old and oldder with a 100’ depth restriction.  Divers 12-14 can participate in the Jr AOW class with a max depth of 70’.

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